Independent Grocers

Independent community grocers play a key role in the nation’s economy accounting for 33 percent of overall U.S. grocery sales, up from 25 percent nearly a decade according to the research from the National Grocers Association (NGA) shows.

The majority of independents operate traditional supermarket offering a full line of groceries, meat, and produce. Another segment of independents operates fresh stores emphasizing perishables and the third segment operate niche stores in areas of ethnic, natural, organic, rural and seasonal markets.  The institute is cognizant of independent’s retailers need juggle multiples activities in order to manage and differentiate their stores.

Our solution assists independents in team development by tackling challenges such as poor onboarding, low productivity, increased shrink, quality of products and customer service. With a team specialized in the grocery industry, a world-class learning management system and a large library of industry specific courses the institute can help retailers to grow. With and affordable and reliable program that can be an alternative to the dedicated to training and development programs offered by the exclusive departments of large chains and multiple store retailers.