Illustration showcasing a computer, people, and cybersecurity.

The retail industry has been one of the top targets for malicious ransomware attacks. The growing threat posed by ransomware to organizations big and small is only getting more frequent and more costly. Often these attacks rely on unknowing assistance from someone inside an organization to be effective. The best safeguard against these types of attacks is to be more educated on the techniques used and how to identify them. In this course we will learn what cybersecurity is and its importance. We’ll also learn about ransomware and phishing, two types of harmful and fraudulent attacks. Finally, we will discuss ways to protect yourself and identify from future cybersecurity threats.

This course has the following objectives:

  • Explain the definition of cybersecurity
  • Define what ransomware means
  • Describe an example of phishing
  • List ways you can help

Course Duration: 15m

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