Sustainability Self-Assessment


Self-Assessment (Free)

The first easy step towards a sustainable business operation is to assess your store’s performance in the sustainability arena. The Ratio Institute and the Retail Learning Institute have prepared a self-assessment that is available to all retailers at no cost. The Self-Assessment is a quick walk through the store noting and answering questions about essential sustainability KPI’s. The assessment questionnaire can be performed by anyone in the store, no previous experience required

The self-assessment is an online questionnaire with 20 questions and sample pictures, that can be completed during a 15-to-30-minute walk through the store, by answering questions related to 20 essential sustainability key performance indicators/KPI’s.

  1. Watch the video with the instructions. Don’t miss the tips to get the most out of the self-assessment.
  2. Download the guide to doing the self-assessment (one-pager)
  3. Click on the Self-Assessment button or click on the QR code to launch the questionnaire.

Upon completion of the online questionnaire the store receives a sustainability rating and suggestions of areas to improve (a standardized automated evaluation report based on the score)

The final score and rating will identify the areas that need attention and will help the store prepare for the Sustainable Food Retail Certification.

Download Guide