Sustainability Program

(Self-Assessment and Certification)


Why engage in with the sustainability program?

A sustainability program increases the business revenues by improving operations and reducing inefficiencies.

  • Sustainability engaged employees at 2x more satisfied at work.
  • Food retailers are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact. Customer shop 2x per week on average.
  • Third party sustainability benchmarking + recognition
  • Realize energy savings that will increase your revenue.
  • Create new revenue sources by recycling waste rather than paying for waste management.
  • Create a safer work environment for sustainable minded associates.
  • Obtain the credentials to validate your sustainable business.
  • Participate in the new way of business.
  • Acquire an edge above the competition.

Industry Facts

  • There is some evidence that strong environmentally friendly practices could become points of competitive advantage for supermarkets, especially as environmental concerns grow.
  • All shoppers share concerns about sustainability and agree on the need for the supermarket industry to address this topic in a variety of ways.
  • Consumers are willing to travel 6.5 – 10.9 minutes out of their way on average for a store they believe has a stronger impact.
  • Consumers are willing to pay an average of 4% more at a food retailer that implements initiatives to support their community and the environment.
  • The population segment most focused on sustainability is Generation Z.
  • 7 in 10 consumers try to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible.
  • 2 in 3 consumers go out of their way to recycle.
  • Food retailers are among the highest energy users of all commercial building types (51.5kwh/ft2)
  • 10% of all food is the USA is wasted.

Expect More from Your Grocery Store

Drawing from thousands of interactions with grocery store managers and sustainability experts, Peter Cooke details the ways in which grocery stores can be more energy-efficient – and increase profit. This talk compiles vast data points with the simple fact that we go to the grocery store, on average, twice a week. As consumers, we can help facilitate the sector’s transformation if we practice the straightforward exercises presented here.

This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxDirigo, an independent event.

Who is the Ratio Institute?

Ratio Institute is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating measurable sustainability and viability in food retail through expert collaboration, industry resources, and practical tools. They have worked with 1,000+ grocery stores and chains to create store-level and enterprise sustainability solutions that reduce costs, shift internal cultures, and improve overall performance through their Sustainable Food Retail Certification (formerly the GSC)

Ratio Institute partners with innovators, thought leaders, and industry experts to extend our reach and ensure that our work is grounded in the best thinking in support of food retail sustainability.

With a broad set of challenges and opportunities ranging from energy and climate to food waste and plastics, retailers need access to tools, best practices, and unbiased information to pursue sustainable solutions in support of business success.

Partnership Team

Aaron Daly

Jonathan Tan

Heather Putnam
Program Manager

Peter Cooke
Director of Programs
and Partnerships

Catrina Damrell
Engagement Manager

Why is this important?

Become a steward of the environment

Save Money/Efficiencies

Appeal to eco-minded clients

Enhance your sustainability profile with marketing resources

Participation in IGA Green Circle and Awards

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