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The Institute has partnered with American College of Education® (ACE) to give students a unique opportunity to make college education even more affordable and shorten the pathway to a degree.

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ACE offers the Institute’s students a 10 percent tuition grant toward ACE programs, and those with a certificate of completion from IGA Institute are eligible for a seamless transfer of six credits toward ACE’s Applied Management & Leadership Bachelors Degree Online program.

ACE Academic Programs

ACE Financial Incentives

College Credit Transfer
Learning Plans

ACE provides Institute’s students with a seamless college credit transfer experience representing savings of over $1200 USD. Students who complete the Institute’s ACE College Credit Transfer learning plans will obtain 3 college credits for each. The credits will be applied into the bachelor’s degree program at ACE: B.S. in Applied Management and Leadership.

A student registered at the Institute can enroll and complete, at no cost, one or both of the following learning plans, and obtain an Institute certificate that they can present to ACE for the college credit:

The college credit transfer is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Institute student must submit a complete application for admission to ACE and meet all eligibility requirements for admission.
  2. The student must present a certificate of completion of the Institute’s ACE College Credit Validation learning plan(s) to be accepted for transfer.
  3. The maximum number of Institute transfer credits that ACE can accept is up to 6 credits in transfer for the B.S. in Applied Management and Leadership program.

Tuition Grant

Institute’s students who are admitted and enroll in any program currently offered by ACE, will be eligible to receive a 10% tuition Grant based on the selected program degree level.

Based on your program of interest, students will be eligible for one of the following grants. Partnership Grant applies to program tuition only.
The amount of the grant will be applied to tuition pro rata by term:

Programs of Interest RN to BSN RN to MSN Doctoral Master Bachelor Certificate & Micro-Credential
Standard Tuition
Per credit hour
$260 $355 $306 $235 $215 $235
10% Tuition Grant
Per credit hour
$234 $319.50 $275.40 $211.50 $193.50 $193.50

Other Services

  • A dedicated welcome page on the ACE website for all Institute’s students exploring a program at ACE
  • Full academic services, including academic advice, direct instruction, monitoring of student progress and maintenance and security of individual academic records in accordance with ACE’s policy and procedures and in accordance with applicable Federal Acts or state requirements
  • Literature and informational sessions to students on continuing education
  • Support for professional development and leadership in the form of sponsorship
  • ACE Contact:

Darryl Brown
Partner Engagement Administrator
American College of Education
101 W Ohio, Suite 1200, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 844-202-7731
Email: Darryl.Brown@ace.edu

Payment Options

You have access to a variety of payment options and opportunities.

Pay as You Go

With our low cost of attendance, most of our students pay out-of-pocket. We will work out a plan that is best for you and your life. You can make a single lump-sum payment, pay by course or set up a monthly payment plan.

Grants and Scholarships

You may qualify for some of the more than $1.5M in scholarships and grants we award each year. Apply for a scholarship after you complete your online application.


ACE partners with school districts, hospitals, community colleges and others to bring discounted tuition options to qualifying students with careers in education, nursing, healthcare and business.

Making Quality Higher Education Within Reach


Affordable Tuition

Your tuition will be $270.75/credit hour for undergraduate courses and $351.50/credit hour for master’s and graduate certificate courses.


Textbooks & Ebooks

We provide textbooks/ebooks at no cost to all undergraduate, doctoral, and military-tuition-grant-eligible master’s-level students.


Entrance Exams

We have lifted barriers that can prevent from you starting your educational journey quickly.


Application Fee

Our application can be completed at any time during the year at no cost. Programs start monthly. Apply today!

Please select Retail Learning Institute when you enroll to receive your exclusive partnership benefits.